Light weight paragliders and paragliding equipment


  • Diamir for Two

    DIAMIR for Two : WHAOUH !!! Envisaged at the COUPE ICARE 2012 with Eric Viret and Eric Laforge , our Swiss importers (Asagiri) , this tandem has gradually matured in our minds and it is finally passed by the CAO Diamir for two Four months later , in January 2013 , the prototype made its first flight […]
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  • Arteson

    Mountain and bivouac dual flying Arteson 37.4 m2, A.R. 4.7 the Arteson is optimised for mountain type usage. Its unbelievably low weight (5.85 kg) and compactness will enable you to consider all kind of tandem flying; trekking, travelling or mountaineering. Nil wind inflation is outstanding; the slightest breath of air is enough to bring it […]
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