Light weight paragliders and paragliding equipment


Mountain Flying, Speed Flying and Soaring

Each adventure is simply a new reason to discover how LOL has shifted the parameters in paragliding and speed flying. The choice is yours: an easy relaxing flight, or speed flying? Soaring or paragliding? With LOL you can shape the air depending on your mood, because LoL is ready for anything (laugh out loud indeed!)


What hits you first of all with LOL is its low bulk. The standard version is very compact in its sack, and the ultra-light version is incredible: well folded it occupies less than half the volume of a small mountain back pack, and weighs only 2.7kg.

LOL is an extremely simple wing. With its short suspension lines it adapts easily to cramped mountain take off conditions; in an instant it is ready to inflate. A pull on the front risers and LOL is up above your head. The simplified trimmers allow for easy manipulation: there is no accelerator to manage. Once inflated only two steps are needed for take-off, the excellent support is reassuring in difficult terrain. Once in flight the wing speeds off, and its precise response to command gives it an entertaining agility. The very small turning circle allows you to slip into tight thermals with surprising ease, and LOL is relatively easy to turn flat. The glide is very good for this type of wing, and LOL does not suffer the comparison with more specialised paragliders.

De-trim and the wing’s acceleration is immediate. Its substantial range of speeds can be fully exploited. While on the commands another facet of LOL’s personality reveals itself – controlled plunging trajectories are possible and acceleration is rapid. This allows you to swoop along a slope, giving a sensation close to carving. LOL’s untrimmed profile was designed to resist turbulence. When soaring LOL opens an entire palette of possibilities : the discovery of new trajectories and the widening of options.

The Ultra

LoL exists in two versions. The first is light and very durable, and suits most uses. Its longevity is comparable with any other wing in the Nervures range. The second, the ULTRA, is ultra-light and super compact. It will seduce serious mountain flyers, trail fanatics or long distance voyagers – those for whom the gain of a few hundred grams and the wing’s compact optimisation are vital.

Accessoires et options

Both LoL and ULTRA are delivered equipped with Dyneema halyard risers with removable trim, a protective under bag, a small repair kit and a carry bag.

When you order, please specify the carry bag and the options you have chosen.
We suggest the Mini Flash bag, the Flash 55 litre (default), or the Montagne 75 litre bag

LoL and ULTRA by default are offered with Dyneema halyard risers,

  • LoL with sheathed suspension lines ,
  • ULTRA with unsheathed upper suspension lines.

ULTRA option :

  • sheathed suspension lines + 100 grams, but no additional cost.