Light weight paragliders and paragliding equipment

Spantik is out

spantik_2 The Spantik, the new mid-range glider from Nervures is now out. All three sizes S, M and L are now certified EN B. They are all in production so you can order them now. For more info, please visit the Spantik dedicated page.

Coupe Icare 2011 Full-on

This year Nervures has come in force to Saint Hilaire. Xavier,  Manuele, Pierre, Jean-Marand Benjamin.

We’ve also come with the latest 2 prototypes of the new top of the range glider, the Diamir (what a beauty!).

Pierre and Erice have been demoing the glider in the front of an enthusiastic crowd 🙂


Our project to replace the KaĂŻlash is mobilizing our time and energy in 2011. The performance comparisons place the prototype on a par with the best wings currently in class C, with the accessibility and steering capacity we expect from all Nevures wings. The Diamir M 80/95 kgs is close to being finished and will be in EN pretests in the week starting the 12th September 2011.

Principal characteristics: Aspect ratio 5.9, 59 cells, 25.5m2 projected surface, 3 liner, with an extra pyramid ramification on the central C. Leading edge with polyamide rods and pinches in the decoration, stress bands between the pyramids. Our system of V shaped bottom panels associated with the diagonal ribs allow us to avoid bands of tension beyond C line row.
The lightweight version will be the standard one:
Mix of Sytex 27, Skytex 40 repellent and Skytext 45 classic.
Unsheathed lines for the top and Dyneema pre-stretched for the lower parts.
15mm wide webbing risers. Accelerator sheave block 1/3-2/3 with ball rings pulleys.
Weight 4.4 kgs and folded volume of < 40l.


What was meant to simply be a basic scaling down of our LOL 20 has evolved into the development of an entirely new model. The lessons learned from the development of the Diamir (adoption of the rods, the associated system of pinches) have brought to the LOL significant progress on multiple points: consistent and reliable inflation in all conditions, modification of the pitch stability and enlargement of the flying domain in the high angles of attack (take-off, efficiency in thermals and precision of flight). The LOL II 18 is also being tested during the week beginning the 12th Sept. All being well we will accept first orders at St Hilaire.

Principal characteristics: Aspect ratio 4.7, 40 cells, 18m2 projected surface.

Construction is comparable to the LOL20 except the leading edge with polyamide rods and pinches in the decoration.

One version only: the light one
Mix of Sytex 27, Skytex 40 deperled and Skytex 45 classic.
Unsheathed suspension lines at the top (sheathed optional) and Dyneema pre-streched for the lower parts.
Webbing risers: 15mm with accelerators or 20mm with trims: weight 2.85 kgs
Dyneema risers with trim: weight 2.65kgs.
Folded volume < 20 litres.

Nervures at Coupe Icare

Once again Nervures will be present at Saint Hilaire for the Coupe Icare.

Come and meet the Nervures team from Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th Septembre at Icare Expo, stand C5, Pavilion Rogallo.

Aloha & Aloha Classic

Aloha lightweight paraglider

Aloha school paragliderThe Aloha range is now completed and certified.

The lightweight version, called Aloha,is designed for mountain and bivouac. It is available in size S, M and L.

The Aloha Classic is made of standard material (Skytex 40 & 45). It is available in size XS, S, M and L. It is available in free flight and paramotor version. It is prefectible suitable for school and site flying.

For more info please check our products pages.