Light weight paragliders and paragliding equipment

Kaïlash Motor


The Kaïlash, originally designed to be Nervures’ free flight sport wing, quickly showed itself to have all the qualities paramotor competitors searched for: good support allowing for the adoption of small load areas, a large range of speeds, small energy consumption at high speeds, manoeuvrability and good control at low speed, excellent stability at high speed…

We have reinforced this last characteristic with the adoption of specific “Full Reflex” risers that accentuate the auto stability of the profile when detrimmed. These double buckle risers have trims along with a foot accelerator to better adapt to all circumstances.

David Sigier, piloting a “Kaïlash M” finished 5th at the 2007 paramotor world championships.

The “Kaïlash” Paramotor comes equipped with a protective under bag, a small repair kit and a 150L carry bag.