Light weight paragliders and paragliding equipment



The Faïal is a seriously fun wing. It combines sound behaviour with excellent performance. It suits an improving pilot with some thermal flying experience, but also the more experienced pilots looking for a reassuring wing to fly with peace of mind. Everyone will like its precise and natural turning characteristic as well as its performance potential.

  • easy inflation even with null wind it will lift straight away,
  • 39 km/h arms up and 50 km/h accelerated, 8.4 glide,
  • easy to handle, flat turn at the beginning of the control range. Good roll control by weight shift,
  • seriously fun wing and easy to fly,
  • good behaviour at low speeds,
  • gentle recovery,
  • light weight even in Standard: size M (80-100 kg) less than 5 kg,
  • high build quality: ergonomic neoprene swivelled handle, Velcro tabs on wing tips for cleaning.

Faïal Bivouac

The Faïal Bivouac has been designed to be the perfect bivouac flying companion. Very light during inflation, it allows take-offs in difficult places. In rough conditions, the ultra light glider has an outstanding stability and it is easy to stop collapses before they get too much.
It is a travelling and adventure wing, combining safety and excellent performance / weight / compactness ratio. The size M (80-100 kg) weights only 3.9 kg.
The back of the top surface as well as the bottom surface are of Skytex 27, top of the range ultra light weight cloth designed with Porcher Sport. The leading edge and the supporting cell walls (wing skeleton) are in a very stable cloth (Skytex 40 and 45). We have mastered this mixture of materials to allow a very lightweight wing without sacrificing durability.
For mountain flyers, bivouac flying enthusiasts and travellers alike all will find the Faïal Bivouac an exceptional companion for their journeys where sometimes you can encounter tough flying conditions in challenging environments. Minimum weight and volume, Maximum safety and pleasure.
Faïal and Faïal Bivouac are pure adventure wings. They open the doors to unforgettable aerial roaming with complete peace of mind.

Accessoiries and options

Faïal and Faïal Bivouac are delivered with a protective under bag, our ultra-light dobble bar accelerator, the wing manual, a small repair kit and a carry bag. Elles sont équipées d’un velcro en bord de fuite pour vider les caissons.
When you order, please specify the carry bag and the options you have chosen. We suggest :

The Faïal Bivouac is equipped with Dyneema risers and unsheathed lines in the upper part.
Options Faïal Bivouac :

  • option 1 : sheathed lines + 100 grammes, no additional cost,
  • option 2 : normal risers + 225 grammes, no additional cost.