Light weight paragliders and paragliding equipment


Our project to replace the Kaïlash is mobilizing our time and energy in 2011. The performance comparisons place the prototype on a par with the best wings currently in class C, with the accessibility and steering capacity we expect from all Nevures wings. The Diamir M 80/95 kgs is close to being finished and will be in EN pretests in the week starting the 12th September 2011.

Principal characteristics: Aspect ratio 5.9, 59 cells, 25.5m2 projected surface, 3 liner, with an extra pyramid ramification on the central C. Leading edge with polyamide rods and pinches in the decoration, stress bands between the pyramids. Our system of V shaped bottom panels associated with the diagonal ribs allow us to avoid bands of tension beyond C line row.
The lightweight version will be the standard one:
Mix of Sytex 27, Skytex 40 repellent and Skytext 45 classic.
Unsheathed lines for the top and Dyneema pre-stretched for the lower parts.
15mm wide webbing risers. Accelerator sheave block 1/3-2/3 with ball rings pulleys.
Weight 4.4 kgs and folded volume of < 40l.

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